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About Us

Background & Business Activities

James McGeough is the founder of Cathay Asia and his hands-on approach to services ensures that all clients receive the highest quality of service, objective advice and responsiveness in all consulting projects.Click here to request more details.

We can also put you in touch with other China based professionals who will ensure that you are provided with the highest quality of professional services for all your corporate needs including government approvals, factory site selection, office accommodation, finance services, setting up manufacturing operations, logistics support, visitor and travel arrangements.

Why Cathay Asia... because:

  • our consultants, partners, trainers and facilitators offer significant depth in domain experience
  • we develop long-term partnerships with clients to provide a superior quality service
  • we offer a team of critical thinkers able to contribute to the business process
  • we deliver tactical business improvement processes and implementation
  • we provide insight into business issues across multiple industries
  • we offer tactical services to emerging and established companies
  • we have a flexible and responsive attitude




Our client base spans manufacturing industries in the medical, energy, electronics, transportation, marine, chemicall, electrical, telecommunications, engineering and hospitality sectors.

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